Selecting a Suitable Alternative Septic System

The septic system is a popular onsite treatment scheme for domestic or residential wastewater. This setup is ideal for small-scale applications because it is relatively economical and requires minimal maintenance for continued functionality. Basically, the septic system consists of a wastewater collection tank for treatment and a drain field for disposal. It is a reliable and fairly durable structure, so it is suitable for most properties.

On the other hand, if you are uncertain about installing this type of traditional septic system, you should consider choosing an alternative septic setup. An alternative system is a modification of the conventional setup, and it is designed to increase efficiency of the treatment and drainage. Here are the primary alternative septic systems to consider for your residential property.

Sand Filter System

One of the troublesome weaknesses of a conventional septic system is the need for an expansive drainage area. In simple terms, the drain field should have sufficient surface area and deep soil to allow safe disposal of the liquid effluent produced after treatment. Therefore, this setup is not ideal for your home if your residential property has high groundwater or poor and minimal soil. The sand filter system is designed to overcome this detriment.

Basically, this system consists of the septic tank which collects wastewater and allows breakdown of the material by bacteria. The sand filter is installed in sequence with the tank, such that the treated effluent is drained into this compartment. As implied, the sand filter is a containment method that involves special sand which treats the released effluent further. After this treatment, the effluent can be released safely without causing environmental hazards.

Mound System

Some types of soil structures are incapable of supporting a septic system, and this usually leads to premature failure of the treatment scheme. Generally, such soil is either extremely permeable or considered impenetrable to the effluent. The failure can also occur if your property has a shifting water table that becomes high seasonally. If you have these issues, consider choosing the mound septic system. This is an engineered field for wastewater drainage made from sand and gravel which promotes proper permeability of the soil. It also slows down the movement of effluent for optimal purification.

Forced Aeration System

The forced aeration system is designed to improve the level of treatment of the wastewater in the septic tank. Generally, in this setup, a chamber is installed to receive effluent from the primary septic tank. The aeration system is installed in this compartment, and it forces air into the effluent, accelerating secondary wastewater treatment.

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