How Can You Tell It's Time for Your Septic Tank Pump Out?

A septic system is one of the most effective waste disposal/management systems you can have in your home. However, this effectiveness will only pay off if you invest in as well as practise maintenance. Your septic tank will fill up at some point and will have to be pumped out. Usually, once your septic tank is installed, you'll be given a schedule indicating when you should have septic services performed. However, depending on the amount of wastewater your home generates, you may need to pump it out sooner than you thought. For this reason, it's imperative to know when to pump out your septic tank. Here is a guide on how you can tell that it's time for your septic tank pump out.

Watch Out for Water Pools

Water pooling around your septic tank area or the drain field is one of the common signs that you need to pump out your septic tank. Usually, septic tanks will release the wastewater slowly and at a steady rate. However, when the tank is full, the ground or drain field will be filled too, which means there will be no more space for the wastewater to go. As such, you'll start noticing water pools. Keep in mind that the wastewater contains both solid and liquid substances. When the tank is full, the solids will tend to clog the piping system of your drain field, forcing the liquids to the surface.

Look for Greener Sections on Your Lawn

The grass around your septic tank and over your drain field should look the same as the grass in the rest of your lawn. Greener or lush areas around your septic tank and your drain field are an indicator that you need to pump it out. The overflowing wastewater contains elements that act as nutrients or fertilisers to the grass. Plan for the septic tank to be pumped out as soon as you notice such areas on your lawn. However, keep in mind that a leak in your septic tank will also have the same effect. Nevertheless, whatever the cause of the overly healthy sections on your lawn is, have a septic tank contractor check it.

Be Keen to Identify Slow Drains

Slow draining will be evident in your showers, tubs, washing machines and even toilets. In the case of toilets, you'll notice that they are slow to flush. In severe cases where your septic tank is completely full, slow drains will be accompanied by sewage backups, something you wouldn't want to experience.

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